• It is traditional for players to line up and recite the Little League Pledge prior to the start of a game and for opposing teams to shake hands after a game has been completed. 

• A Player must call his/her Manager/Coach if he/she is unable to make a practice or game. If a Player cannot reach the Manager/Coach, that Player should attempt to make contact with another Player on the team roster to communicate their absence. 

• A Player who missed the previous game and/or practice shall be played as usual. However, after a player misses consecutive games and/or practices without giving notice to a Manager/Coach, the Player may be subject to disciplinary measures (i.e., sit out a game). 

• The use of tobacco in any form by the Managers and Coaches during practices and/or games is strictly prohibited. 

• Smoking is prohibited in and around bleacher areas.  Please respect others especially our children.  If you feel the urge to smoke, please retreat to the parking areas or as far as possible from the bench and spectator areas.

• Managers, Coaches and Umpires shall not permit spectators to stand behind the backstop. 

• Players shall not crawl over fences or onto the top of a dugout at any time. 

• The Speed Limit is 5 mph in roadways and parking lots while attending any Pottstown Little League function. Watch for small children around parked cars. 

• No playing in parking lots or on and around lawn equipment. 

• No swinging bats or throwing baseballs at any time within the walkways and common areas of Pottstown Little League. 

• No throwing balls against dugouts or against backstop (catcher must be used for all batting practice sessions held on the field). 

• No throwing rocks. 

• Observe all posted signs. Players and spectators should be alert at all times for foul balls and errant throws. 

• A Player may not leave the field area without receiving permission from his/her manager or coach. 

• Only players, managers and coaches are allowed in the dugout/bench area during games, no exceptions. 

• All gates to the field must remain closed at all times. After players have entered or left the playing field, gates should be closed and secured. 

• Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the concession stand. 

• Players must be in full uniform. Shirttails are to be tucked in and hats worn at all times. Managers and Coaches are responsible for the appearance of their Players and should make every effort to ensure that the uniforms remain in good condition. 

• The use of profanity by player, managers, coaches and parents will not be tolerated. 

• Players, managers, spectators and coaches may not intentionally agitate or distract any player on the field or in a dugout, nor may they agitate an umpire. Any coach or player in violation of this rule is subject to removal from that game and a one game suspension. 

• Our umpires are volunteers. Verbal abuse of the umpires, by managers, coaches, players or parents will not be tolerated. Violation of this code will result in possible disciplinary action, to be decided by the Board of Directors. 

• Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. 

• The presence of pets is governed by local ordinances. Pet owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up and disposing of their pet’s waste and controlling their pet at all times.  It is highly recommended to leave your pet at home.

• A player who throws equipment in anger or frustration, or uses obscene or indecent language, or behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner, may be ejected from the game. (Rule 4.07) 

• No food will be allowed in the dugouts or bench area, other than food provided by/for the team. 

• The “Minimum Play Time” guidelines may be waived, if in the opinion of the manager, the player has repeatedly violated the general rules of conduct. All disciplinary actions must be reported in writing by the manager to the Player Agent prior to such action if possible, otherwise immediately following application of disciplinary measures.

Failure to comply with the above Rules of Conduct may result in expulsion from the Pottstown Little League field or complex.Rules Of Conduct

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