Pottstown Little League 
Local Rules – Rookie Girls Softball 

Unless otherwise specified below, all rules and regulations listed in the Little League Softball Official Regulations and Playing Rules will be strictly followed. 

Rookie (Ages 6-9 depending on skill level) Note: 6 year old must have 1 year of T-Ball) 

• The batting order will consist of all players present at the game, (Continuous batting) 

• The infield fly rule will not apply. 

• Bunting is not permitted. 

• The offensive inning shall end when three (3) outs are reached, or when the team bats all of the way through the order. In the event the two teams have an unequal number of players, the number of batters permitted by either team in one inning shall be limited to the fewest number of players on either team. The batting order shall consist of all players present for a game. 

• If the ball is thrown out of play, the runner shall only be permitted to advance one base. 

• During the entire season, pitching shall be performed by an adult coach. A coach will pitch to his/her own team, and will remain in his/her position when a ball is batted. An adult pitcher must make every effort available to avoid interfering with the defensive play. 

*A maximum of seven (7) pitches will be delivered to each batter. There will be no walks. Adult pitcher must release the ball underhand. 

*If a seventh pitch to the batter is not hit, it will be recorded as a strikeout. If there is a foul on the sixth pitch, play will continue until a fair ball is hit or the batter is retired. 

Note:  When playing at the Novak Complex, please remember to rake and/or brush the field after each practice or game.  Field equipment is available in the small sheds near the batting cage and Grim field.

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