Unless otherwise specified below, all rules and regulations listed in the Little League Softball Official Regulations and Playing Rules will be strictly followed. 

Minor (Ages 7-11 depending on skill level) 

• A regulation game consists of six (6) innings. If a game is called due to conditions, it is a regulation game if four (4) innings have been completed (3 1/2 if home team is ahead). The "10 Run Rule" (Rule 4.10 (e) shall be adhered to.  Official games that cannot be completed due to conditions may be completed at the discretion of the manager. 

• The batting order will consist of all players present for the game. (Continuous batting.) 

• All players must play a minimum of three (3) innings per game. This mandate is based on the following criteria: 
     o 12 players (or less) on the roster 
     o 6 inning games 

• The Infield fly rule will not apply. 

• The offensive inning shall end when three (3) outs are reached, or when five (5) runs are scored during innings one (1) through five (5). Any subsequent innings have no limitations on the number of runs scored. 

• Players will be permitted to steal bases at the discretion of the Managers. 

• Pitchers will follow the Little League Softball Official Regulations and Playing Rules. No walk rule: If a pitcher progresses to a four ball count, the pitcher steps aside and the adult pitcher from the offensive team comes in to pitch. The count remains intact and the adult pitcher finishes the at bat with either a strike-out or a batted fair ball. 

Note: When playing at the Novak Complex, please remember to rake and/or brush the field after each practice or game.  Field equipment is available in the small sheds near the batting cage and Grim field.

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